Different countries, regions have different rules on what needs to be done before a website can use cookies. Europe with GDPR has an opt-in approach whereas California with CCPA has an opt-out approach. We refer to these configurations as consent type and offer the following ones:

Consent Type:

  • Notice: User is shown a banner informing of the use of cookies and cookies or pixels are not blocked.
  • Opt-In: This is the GDPR level of consent wherein we give users a notice and block cookies until the user gives consent. We also allow users to give granular consent on each purpose separately via the Cookie Settings CTA.

  • Implied Opt-In: This is same as Opt-In, only difference being consent is implied after a time-out and click on the websites. This consent type was popular before GDPR and has slowly being discontinued because DPAs not approving of this consent.
  • Opt-Out: This is the CCPA consent type wherein users are given notice of the use of cookies and an option to Opt-Out of cookies. We also give a button for "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" which allows users to manage purpose-level granular consent.

You can geo-target users and setup different consent policies for each region based on the privacy law's requirements. The Consent Policy tab allows you to do so:

Setting up Consent Policy:

  • On the right, you can switch to different regions. We offer three default regions:
    • Default: This is the default fallback option for users. Geo here is Global, this consent policy gets served if we don't find any consent policy for the geo of the user.
    • GDPR: Geo here is Europe and the consent type is Opt-In. We also have a design template linked to it, which you can preview and edit in the Design Template tab.
    • CCPA: Geo here is California and the consent type is Opt-Out.

  • Geo-Target new country using Add Rules, associate Geo, Consent Type, and Design Template.

  • Each Geo-Rule allows you to associate a design template with it. This allows you to show different notice, CTA options based on the data privacy rule of the region you are geo-targeting.

Once you have set up rules for all the regions that you want to target, just hit Save and Publish to make it live on your website.